Abuse By Shifting Truths, Hugo Schwyzer’s Impact on Feminism, and Community Trust

The truth is, I’m hesitant to write this post.  Years of training and of enjoying my “sweet person” role make me hesitant to say anything against an individual in public.  I’m always the one playing devil’s advocate.  But I think this is important to say, and that the major theme of this website–patriarchy–is both a part of how I was raised to be reluctant to write this and a part of why I find Hugo Schwyzer’s alleged behavior so painful.

Schwyzer claims that the possible legal ramifications keep him from preventing evidence that would absolve him, or at least, clear up his side of the story.  I concede that this is possible, and that though my gut feeling is against him in this case, it may be that there are things I’m not seeing.  So this post is more about the situation than it is about Schwyzer as a person, and to write the post I am going to assume the facts as they are presented in Grace’s post on the Schwyzer controversy.  If there are additional facts, my concerns may not all apply to Schwyzer himself, but they do apply to these kinds of situations.

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