Note: This resource list is constantly growing, and some categories are placeholders.  We encourage resource suggestions via comment, as this page is the heart of our site!

The following resources are some of the best posts we’ve found on the web in a number of different areas relevant to the mission of this site.  Not every post reflects Queer Feminism perfectly, and some posts may be problematic in part.  However, taken together, we hope this list will offer a useful guide for those with particular interests.

Table of Contents

Marginalized People in Activist Communities
Bodies, Size, & Food
Eating Disorders
Fat Activism & HAES
Food Politics
Children & Youth
Colonialism, Imperialism, War, & Peace
Indigenous Peoples
Class, Classism, Corporatism, & Economics
Family & Parenting
Femme & Femininity
Men & Masculinity
Pregnancy, Birth, & Reproductive Justice
Prisons & Police
Queer Communities
Race & Racism
White Privilege
Women of Color & Womanism
Rape, Abuse, & Harassment
Relationships, Friendships, & Dating


Asking for Youth-Friendly Services
Feminism Has Abandoned Me
Intersectionality Is Not Optional
On Feminism
Movement Mistakes: What to Do When You F@ck Up
Moving Beyond Gay Is the New Black
On Doing “Good Work”
Pity Porn and Social Responsibility
Self-Care and Self-Defense Manual for Feminist Activists (PDF)
Unlearning Sexism and Other Oppressions
When Anger Is All I Have and Why Anger Is My Feminist Stand
Who Is Oakland
Why Are You in Such A Bad Mood? #MenCallMeThings Responds

Marginalized People in Activist Communities

5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism
A Few Words About Solidarity

A Response to White Fat Activism from People of Color in the Fat Justice Movement
Being Anti-State Does Not Equal Being Pro-Freedom: Misogyny and the Imagined Circle of Protection in Progressive Communities
Derailing for Dummies
Free Marissa Alexander: The Failure of Black Leadership and the Challenge of This Generation
How to Do Right By Yourself While Busy Saving the World
How Transgender Organizations Can Demonstrate Inclusivity
Love and Afrofeminism: Is the Self-Care Movement Individualist or Revolutionary?
The Master’s Tools
Make Space for Your Siblings
My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit
On Being An Ally
On Spelling Yr Women With Ys
Oppression Bias and Why It Sucks to Be A Black Sociologist
Podcast: Celebrating Women Organizers of Color
Reconciling the Non-Profit “Post-Industrial” Complex with Black Girls in Mind
So You Want to Express Your Privileged Opinions in a Conversation About Oppression and Survival!
Things White Activists Say About Activists of Color (Video)
Three Groups Unite Struggles for Racial Justice and LGBT Rights
Trayvon Martin and the Need for an Independent Human Rights Movement
Trickle-Up Social Justice (Video)
When Allies Fail
White Feminist Privilege in Organizations
White Feminists Don’t Care About Black Women


A Letter to the Occupy Together Movement
A Tragedy, Not a Token: To #Occupy and White Liberals/Radicals
Brown Power at Occupy Wall Street
Decolonization and Occupy Wall Street
Police Mistreatment of Transgender Man During #OccupyWallStreet Arrests


Am I Troy Davis? Or a Slut?
And the Beat Goes On: Colored Woman Problems Ignored at Slutwalk
Four Brief Critiques of SlutWalk’s Whiteness, Privilege, and Unexamined Power Dynamics
A Gleeful Eulogy to Slutwalk
Racism and Anti-Racism: Why They Matter to Slutwalks
Slutwalks, Slurs, and Why Feminism Still Has Race Issues
Why I Supported the Hoodie March and Not Slutwalk
With Great Passion Comes Deep Ambivalence
The Women’s Movement Is Not Monochromatic


Ain’t Is A Real Word: The Rise of the MelaNated Writers Collective
Proudly African and Transgender

Bodies, Size, & Food

Diversity Is More Than A Bra Size: What It’s Like to Be A Woman of Color in the Lingerie Industry
Female Bodies: “Positive” Rhetoric
Loving Your Body
Making Our Bodies Matter
Sex and the Fat Girl: The Femme Mystique

Eating Disorders

Classism & Eating Disorders
Denial As Virtue

Fat Activism & HAES

A Doctor Walks into a Bar: Finding A New Doctor When You Don’t Like the Doctor in the  First Place
The Awesome Power of No
Body Positive (Video)
Dear White Fat People
The Fat Girl Scores
Food for Thought; If All Food Choices Are Valid, That Means ALL Food      Choices
In the End, It’s About Food Politics
I Spy With My Fat Eye; On Seeing and Being Seen
Loving Your Body
My Body
Pigs in Silk Dresses; Thoughts from a Lifetime Funny Dresser Who Is Also Fat
Punk Will Never Diet: Beth Ditto and the (Queer) Revaluation of Fat
Southwest, Sizeism, and Institutionalized Oppression (Video)
The Paradigm Shift

Food Politics

Food Systems: Not Globally Universal!

Healthism and Food
How I Learned to Eat Greens
One Activist’s Fight Against Walmart’s Food Justice Takeover
There’s No Such Thing As “Healthy Food”
Without Women There Is No Food Sovereignty
When School Lunch Is Your Only Meal

Children & Youth

Asexy Teens
Braiding Gender
Children Talk But No One Listens
Gender Equality: Too Far or Not Far Enough

Colonialism, Imperialism, War, & Peace

Agents of Violence: What the Violations Against Sex Workers in Latin America Reveal About US Presence in the Region
Breaking Human Trafficking out of the Supply Chain in US Government Trafficking
FYI, Western World: African Men Are Not Coming to Kill You (Video)
Moving Beyond a Politics of Solidarity Towards a Practice of Decolonization
The Golden Handcuffs of Gay Rights: How Pinkwashing Distorts Both LGBTIQ and Anti-Occupation Activism
Imperial Feminism, Islamophobia, and the Egyptian Revolution
The White Savior Industrial Complex
“Your Women Are Oppressed, But Ours Are Awesome: How Nicholas Kristof and Half the Sky Use Women Against Each Other


NAFTA, NAFTA How Does Your Garden Grow?
New Campaign Explores World Without Unjust Immigrant Detentions (Video)

Indigenous Peoples

Cultural Appropriation Dos and Donts
Don’t Need Saving: Aboriginal Women and Access to Justice (Video)
Indigenous Peoples in the Sex Trade: Speaking for Ourselves
Sh*t Canadians Say To Aboriginal Women (Video)
Nobody Cared, Nobody Did Anything
To the Indigenous Woman (Video)

Class, Classism, Corporatism, and Economics

My Student Debt Story: At the Intersections of Rape, Class, and Money
Pinkification, Commodification, and the Failure to Adapt
The Price of Support? About Six Dollars
Remembering Our Roots
Unravelling the Ribbon: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Isn’t Just About Pink


Compulsory Treatment Is Not A Solution to the Mental Health Crisis
Disability Dharma: What Including & Learning from Disability Can Teach (Everyone) About Sex
Don’t Stare At Me Is An Access Need Too
Further Thoughts on “Wrongful Birth”
How the War on Reproductive Rights Hurts Women with Disabilities
How to Illustrate Wheelchairs in Comic Books
Norming Access
Tales from the Crip: This Is What Disability Looks Like
Why Disability Tropes Matter: Supercrips and Accomodations
Women with Disabilities: Understanding Media Oppressions to Empower One of the Most Victimized Groups in Society


How Helpful! College Advice for Rich Kids!
International Women’s Day: Equal Access to Meaningful Education
A Latina in Academia: My Individual Experience
One Teacher’s Approach to Preventing Gender Bullying in the Classroom
Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action
Show Them How to Resist: Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures
Teaching for Social Justice in Primary School Classrooms


Family & Parenting

Ann Romney, Working Woman?
Children and Genderplay
Gender Diverse Parenting: A Primer
The Love of Black Mothers and the Care of Black Children
Of Spanking and State Violence
Queer Family Models (Video)
Stilettos, Sissy Boys, and the Limits of “Gender Neutral” Parenting
This Is Where I’d Lose Faith in Humanity if I Hadn’t Lost it Already


The Gender Bill of Rights
Policing African Women’s Dress

Femme & Femininity 

Claressa Explains It All
My Femme: A partial personal history, or a purpose statement in progress
Sex Educations: Gendering and Re-Gendering Women
‘Those Girls’ May Be More Than Meets The Eye

Men & Masculinity

Black.  Male.  Feminist?
Body Image and the Effeminate Guy
Boys, Men, Patriarchy, and Privilege
Dressing Like a Girl
Fem(me) Invisibility: Another Viewpoint
Five Things Men Can Do Not to Be Creepy
I Don’t Know What Women Go Through, Okay?
Men, Feminism, Race, Movements, and the Cult of Hugo Schwyzer
The New Masculinity: Redefining Ourselves, Emerging from Our Cocoons
The (snow)faces change but the (appropriated) song remains the same, and the crowd goes wild
To Our Male Friends


Beyond the Binary: Body Image
Beyond the Binary: Self Doubt
Coming Out As Genderqueer At the Age of Fifty
Either Way, I’m Lying (Video)
Hi, I’m Single, But I’m Genderqueer and You Don’t Know What That Means
Neither Black Man Nor Black Woman: Living on the Outside
Tumblr Thread on Non-Binary People Presenting “As” Birth Gender
Where Are All the Non-Binary Parents? And Children?


A Trans-Feminist Deconstruction of Sex & Gender Constructs Series
The Bathroom Debate
Community and Consequences: Understanding the Costs of Reclaiming “Tranny”
Democrats: Shh, Don’t Mention the Trans Women!
Does Ignoring Trans People Make Your Point Look Bigger?
Enough with “I Date Women and Trans Men”
Gender Fierce (Video)
Guiding Assumptions: Transgender Identities
How __ Made Me Hate My Body Series
How An Apology from Someone I Had Never Heard of Left Me in Tears
How to Be A Better Ally to Trans Folks in Four Steps
How the WHO Manual Is Used to Stigmatize Sexual Variation
The Importance of New Data on Anti-Trans Violence and Suicidality
It’s Not Transphobic to Treat Trans Men As Men
The Genderbread Person: A Critique
Janet Mock and Isis King Discuss Media Representations of Trans Women (Video)
Moving Toward An Inclusive Menstruation Dialogue
My Genital Affirmation (Video)
No Respect Paid: The New York Times’ Anti-Trans Coverage
Not Your Mom’s Trans 101
An Open Letter to Feminist Women’s Health Collective Atlanta
The Power of the Male Gaze and the Catch-22 of Transgender Presentation
Rethinking Sexism: How Trans Women Challenge Feminism
Self Explanatory: When Your Gender Isn’t
Threats to “Women’s Rights” Step on Trans Toes
TRANSforming Family (Video)
What Actually Frustrates Me
What Does a Feminist Look Like? A Transmasculine Perspective (Video)
Who Am I Binding For?


As the Court Decides Health Reform, East Oakland Fights for the Basics
Guts & Glory
Health Does Not Equal Worth
Hip Hop Activist and DJ Fights Her Fiercest Battle: With Heart Disease and Fat-Phobia
I Don’t Mind if You’re Crazy, As Long As You Act Sane in Public
It’s All In Your Head
On Falling Apart
The Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Fails Black Women with HIV
The YouthForce Declaration

Pregnancy, Birth, & Reproductive Justice

Abortion Rights Are Queer Rights
Breastfeeding Support Groups Should Not Exclude Transgendered Breastfeeding Dads
Disability, Abortion, and Slipshod Ethics
Fertility, Gender, Sterilisation, Womanhood
It’s A [Heteronormatively Gendered] Girl!
Let Us Colonise Your Wombs: Surrogacy in India
Condoms Are A Vital Public Health Tool, So Must We Still Freak Out Abou Them?
Maternity Care in a “Majority Minority” Country
Space, Bodies, and the Attack on Women
Striking Class Divisions in Unintended Pregnancies
The Threat of (Brown) Women’s Fertility
Transforming Empathy (Video)
Trans Rights Are Reproductive Rights
What Women Deserve (Video)
Why Native America Women Are Fighting for Plan B
Words Matter in Reproductive Rights Discussions

Prisons & Police

Arrested at Hospital for Demanding Medical Care, Woman Dies in Jail Cell
CeCe McDonald Deserves Our Support, Innocent or Not
Condom Searches Are Being Used to Profile Sex Workers
The Gendered Violence of Stop and Frisk
Learning Behind Bars
Losing the Movement: Black Women, Violence, and Prison Nation
Prison Industrial Complex (Video)
Resisting Gender Violence without Cops or Prisons (Video)
When Anti-Violence Backfires

Queer Communities

The Double Standard: Racism in the (White) Gay Community
Frank Ocean and How We Discuss Sexuality
Fuck Visibility
Have You Ever Seen An Asshole?
If Homeless Queer Youth Are A New Priority, Your Priorities Are Seriously Messed Up
Jay Smooth on Frank Ocean (Video)
Lessons Learned from a Straight African Woman: Homophobia Is Unchristian
LGBT North Carolinians Share Their Wins a Day After Amendment One (Video)
Love and Afrofeminism: Queer Bois and the Gendered Politics of Same-Sex Partner Latin Dancing
People in Glass Closets: Anderson Cooper and Straight Responses to Coming Out
Privilege & Literature (Video)
Queer People Not My People
Respecting LGBTQ Youth of Color: Come One, Come All to My Neighborhood
Silencing and Voicelessness
A Very Brown QueerBomb Experience
Visi(bi)lity: Deconstructing Images of Bisexuality in the Media
What Queerness Means to Me

Race & Racism

From Trayvon Martin to Wall Street
Hard Knocks in the Bronx
How to Debunk Pseudo-Science Articles About Race in Five Easy Steps
Jay Smooth on Constructive Conversations About Race (Video)
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love Talking About Race (Video)
Interrupted Attachments: On Rights, Equality, and Blackness
No Apologies: On the Killing of Trayvon Martin and Being “Good”
On Being Feminism’s “Ms. Nigga”
POC Anti-Racist Organizing and Burnout
Racism 101: A Comprehensive Guide for 2012
Suit or Sari? On Professionalism and “Ethnic” Dressing
Trayvon Martin: The Mistake of the Progressive Left
You Will Never Be Him; Please Don’t Be Them

White Privilege

10 Conversations on Racism I’m Sick of Having with White People
Anti-Oppression for Who?
Dear Angry White People, Get Over Yourselves
For Whites Who Consider Being Allies But Find It Much Too Tuff
On Being An Ally
So, What Should White People Talk About?
White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

Women of Color & Womanism

Al Jazeera Shocked Because Female Politicians in Latin America Do Not Identify As Feminists
An Open Letter to Mike Babchik: I Am Not for Sale
At the Risk of Sounding Angry: On Melissa Harris-Perry’s Eloquent Rage
Beauty Parlor Politics
Believe Me When I Tell You I Am A Feminist
Black Women and the Burden of Respectability
How the Dark vs Light Skin Debate Misses the Point About Black Women and the Media
Leaving Jesus: Women of Color Beyond Faith
Margaret Cho: Our Revolution Is Long Overdue (Video)
Michaela Angela Davis & Melissa Harris-Perry (Video)
On Black Men Showing up for Black Women at the Scene of the Crime
On the Intersection of Race & Feminism: A Conversation with Neesha Meminger and Ibi Zoboi
The Politics of Safety for Women
Taking It All Off: Black Women, Nudity, and the Politics of Touch
The Unbearable Politicizing of Black Hair
Using the Past to Reimagine the Present with Imani Perry
When the Church Fails Its Women
Who Will Revere Us? (Black LGBTQ People, Straight Women, and Girls)
Womanists Haven’t Disrespected My Humanity
A Word to the Wise on the Culture of Naming and Divisive Labels
Your Blackness Ain’t Like Mine

Rape, Abuse, and Harassment

A Rant About Street Harassment
Consent Culture
Explicit Violence
How to Support a Survivor, 201: Survivor Doesn’t Mean “Angel”
I Never Called It Rape: Addressing Abuse in BDSM Communities
I’m Not Getting Over It: A Personal Reflection on Rape Culture
The Myth of the Boner Werewolf
Rape and Selective Outrage in the Feminist Community
Rape Culture and Other Feminist Myths
Rape Is Not Sex
Reproductive Parts
Sh*t Everybody Says to Rape Victims (Video)
Some Notes on Rape Culture
Street Harassment and Race: A Sliding Scale
There’s A War On Series

Relationships, Friendships, and Dating

Asking for Sex Revisited
Can Black Women Lead on Rethinking Marriage?
Dating A Trans Man: Negotiating Queerness and Privilege
Green Flags
How to Tell A Transgender Person They Are Beautiful (Video)
Evolution of a Down-Ass Chick Part II (Or Why Miss Independent Is Probably Single)
A Little Positive Reinforcement Goes A Long Way
We’re All Still A Mess


An Asexual Map for Sex-Positive Feminism
A Unified Theory of Orgasm
Behold the Power of the Penis!
Does Female Submission Mean Oppression?
Domism: Role Essentialism and Sexism Intersectionality in the BDSM Scene
The End of Normal
The Ehtical Prude: Imagining An Authentic Sex-Negative Feminism
HIV in the South: We Know What the Research Says, So Why Play the Blame Game?
How Can We Help Kids Define What Is and Isn’t Healthy Sexuality?
How I Describe My Sexuality
I Am Asexual (And It’s Awesome!)
Interview with a Sex-Positive Feminist
Missing Intersectionality in Sex-Positive Feminism: The Unaddressed Racism in Porn
On Naomi Wolf and the Sacred Vagina
Rescripting Sex
Saying No When You Really, Really Want to Say Yes
The Scene Is Not Safe
School’s Out: Frank Sex Talk
Sex Communication Case Studies
Sex, Lies, and Fetishizing Race
Thinking Kink: Masculinity and Submission
Thinking Kink: The Politics of BDSM Fashion
Why I Don’t Believe in the Domme Deficit

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