Moving Forward: A Feminist Resource Repository

Since Queer Feminism started in January 2012, the site has revolved around a lofty mission, but with very limited editorial capacity. This mission, to “[stand] in radical opposition to patriarchy through providing education and resources, fostering discussion in and out of feminist circles, and challenging openly challenging all patriarchal beliefs,” is certainly no less needed in 2016 than it was four years ago. Perhaps now more than ever, challenges including White Feminism and Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism make voices like ours necessary. But it’s also important to acknowledge that limited capacity, and the fact that this site will never be an actively-maintained, thriving periodical.

Instead, our purpose shifts to focus on the resources section, a curated directory of links relevant to the Queer Feminism mission that together comprise an amazing treasure trove of voices both celebrating and challenging the ideals of feminism. From racial justice to disability justice, challenging transmisogyny to challenging colonialism, these resources provide months of reading and are much more powerful than this site could ever be as a blog. Most importantly, the goal of this site has always been to lift up marginalized voices, and the best way to do that seems to be spending limited time on signal boosting, rather than editing and recruiting new writers. If you have a suggested resource, please feel free to leave a comment. There will be frequent updates to the resources page over the coming months, as hundreds of links are in the “to post” queue. And over time, we may split into separate topical pages for greater accessibility. The archive of posts originally published on this site will remain, as always, on the blog.

Thanks for your support, and much solidarity in your struggles for ever-increasing justice.