Queer Feminism Is Looking for an Editorial Intern

QueerFeminism.com, a website that defines feminism as “radical opposition to patriarchy” and seeks to shine a spotlight on the needs of communities that have typically been ignored or misunderstood by mainstream feminism, has an opening for an Editorial Intern!

We are flexible about start date (spring or summer 2014) and can offer a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in recruiting and managing writers, promoting a feminist website via social media and other avenues, and writing for the web. Consistent with our site’s focus on typically-ignored communities, we’re open to interns with varying experiences, whether you’re a current or recently-graduated student, someone looking to switch careers, or on a non-traditional path. Though we can’t offer a stipend (no money comes through the site), we can give you relevant experience in communications, editing, and social media with a flexible work-from-home schedule and a culture committed to improving feminism for all of us. We’re also happy to work with your academic program to help you get credit or earn a stipend/fellowship from an external source.

This is a great opportunity to get proven experience in building traffic and increasing the quality of content on a site that’s looking to grow tremendously and get noticed in 2014.


  • Design and implement a recruitment campaign focused on bloggers from underrepresented communities in online feminism including people of color, transgender people, immigrants, working class writers, and people with disabilities
  • Maintain an editorial calendar and work with the site’s founder to ensure a diversity of contributors and topics each month
  • Promote the site and contributed articles through social media and other channels
  • Take advantage of ongoing online conversations about feminisms and exclusion within feminism to make the site part of these conversations in 2014
  • Develop lasting relationships with contributors, other blogs, and allies
  • Write occasional articles for the site


  • Passionate about making the feminist community better and more accountable
  • Sensitive to the reasons why some may not identify as “feminists” and interested in identifying key problems with mainstream feminism
  • Able to work independently with strong time management skills; a natural when it comes to following up with supervisors, peers, and collaborators to ensure project sustainability
  • Strong communications skills, especially in writing
  • Tech-savvy and good with keeping up with e-mail; familiarity with WordPress, social media, and/or graphic design is a plus that you should mention in your application
  • Connections with diverse communities, whether feminist-identified or not
  • Familiar with the state of online feminism and major ways to engage with feminists online
  • Members of marginalized communities are especially encouraged to apply

Nitty Gritty Details:

Start date is flexible with a target of Spring or Summer 2014. Internships last a semester or summer. Interns must be willing to work a minimum of 5 hours per week; we can provide up to 20 hours a week to those who wish to work more. Work is from home, so you must have reliable access to an Internet connection during work hours and be able to check e-mail at least every other day. You set your own work hours, and the internship can be tailored somewhat to your interests.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Avory Faucette at avory@queerfeminism.com. You may include optional writing, graphic design, or web campaign samples, but please keep any samples brief.

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