#occupyvday with #femblogalts

What better way to #occupyvday than by showing the blogs we love as alternatives to the big feminist mainstays?  Contributors from all over the Twittersphere suggested must-read blogs for feminists who are sick of Jezebel and its ilk last week, and here’s the list.  Not all of these blogs identify as feminist, but taken as a whole, they definitely espouse the values of Queer Feminism!  Take a look, add your favorites to your RSS feed, and suggest anything we’re missing:

People of Color Organize
This Ain’t Livin’
Radical Doula
Crunk Feminist Collective
Feisty Feminist
Questioning Transphobia
FWD Forward (archived)
Angry Black Bitch
The Rotund
Queer Feminism
Borderhouse Blog
Spectra Speaks
Tiger Beatdown
My Spilt Milk
Blue Milk
Are Women Human?
What Tami Said
Raising My Boychick
Fat Heffalump
Dances with Fat
Persephone Magazine
Zero at the Bone
Pursuit of Harpyness
Coke Talk
Global Comment
Pretty Queer
The Feminist Wire
RH Reality Check
Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice
Radically Queer

2 thoughts on “#occupyvday with #femblogalts

    • Last week, Grace of “Are Women Human?” started the Twitter hashtag #noJez in response to Jezebel’s decision to post photos of a woman being raped on their site. Jezebel has already been criticized by feminists in the past for a number of pieces, but this particular one stirred a lot of conversation in the Twitterverse and decisions to no longer link to Jezebel from other blogs. Thus, the #femblogalts tag as a place to suggest positive alternatives.

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