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We’re currently looking for contributors on the following topics:

  • Racism (particularly as it intersects w/ feminism)
  • Queer identities including trans & non-binary
  • Childhood, parenting, and education
  • Sexuality
  • Bodies (including fat, disabled, queer)
  • Activism and movement-building
Interested contributors should first view the site’s Mission Statement. Please use the contact form to express your interest–describe the kind of articles you would like to write and your expertise.  We are particularly interested in contributors with a specific angle/strong point of view.  For example “I am interested in writing on queer Islamic feminism, especially the difficulties I’ve encountered in navigating my intersecting identities in feminist spaces” would be preferable to “I’m a feminist writer and I’d like to write about young women.”

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Call for Contributors

Hello, Queer Feminists! After a somewhat frustrating failed attempt to start an internship program (non-profit industrial complex, sigh), we’re trying to get this site active again. That means we need contributors! Do you have something to say about how feminism excludes your community, about what feminism means in your community (whether you use the word “feminism” or not), or about topics you want mainstream feminism to focus on more often? Take a look at our Mission Statement and if your idea looks like a good fit, go ahead and briefly pitch an article or series idea. We’re open to one-offs as well as more regular contributors, particularly from people of color, people with disabilities, trans and queer folks, indigenous people, and others who have typically been marginalized by mainstream feminism.

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